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Power Steering Pumps

Power Steering Pumps

Power steering pumps are an essential part of a vehicles power steering system. There are now two different types of power steering pump assistance.

Hydraulic Power Steering Pumps: This is the original hydraulic fluid system; it has been fitted to all makes and models of vehicles, car and light commercial i.e. vans and pickup trucks for many years. This is a small pump made of cast steel or sometimes cast aluminum; it is driven by a shaft and pulley system with the fan/drive belt onto the pulley similar to the conventional vehicle alternator system to drive in the rotating method by means of a pulley using the vehicles engine for the drive force. Creating a gerotor or rotary vane pump hydraulic pressure which in turn sends the hydraulic fluid at high pressure to the power assisted steering rack allowing easy manoeuving of the drivers steering. The image above is an example of what this pump could look like.

Electro Hydraulic Power Steering (EHPS): For electro/electronic hydraulic power steering, also this system can be known as a hybrid system. This was introduced around 1990 by Honda and more and more vehicles are now being fitted with this system. In the case of EHPS the pump and pressure are created by a built in electric motor not belt driven by the assistance of the engine, it is the preferred system because of energy saving and less fuel consumption, also for environmental reasons. These are just some to name a few manufacturers and vehicle models such as; Ford Focus, Volkswagen Polo, Peugeot 307, Citroen, Seat Ibiza, Skoda Fabia, Suzuki, Opel, BMW Mini, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Vauxhall Vectra, Astra and Vauxhall Zafira. The image above is an example of what the pump could look like.

How to diagnose a faulty power steering pump?
Power steering pumps from general everyday use can fail or generate large leaks but here is a list of other things to look out for when diagnosing a faulty power steering pump. Leaking is the most common symptom. Constantly topping up the reservoir with new  fluid. Fluid dripping from different parts of the pump, i.e seals have worn or blown. Return valves jamming on the outlet port of the pump, iron filings or small particles of metal shavings in the fluid or topup tank. Fluid now contaminated and must be totally flushed out and replaced with clean new fluid on the fitting of one of our replacement pumps. It is always recommended that a new fan/drive belt is fitted on replacing the failed (hydraulic only,belt driven) steering pumps only. Stiff Steering - If you are having problems steering at low speeds or during slow turns then this can be a sign that your power steering pump has failed. Also intermittent power assistance tightening up at times during a manoeuvre/turning the steering wheel from lock to lock. Noises when starting your car - Another sign of a faulty power steering pump is a squealing  noise or thudding due to blockage of the fluid, the pump return valve jamming up when you first start your vehicle. Noise when turning - If you find there is a squealing sound when you turn a corner or while you are driving slow then this can be a sign or a failing power  steering pump. Why Buy a Power Steering Pump from ACS Buying a power steering pump from ACS is effortless.Simply choose your car manufacturer below or give us a call on 01827 259699 to speak to one of our experts for technical information, advise and any other help regarding your pump failure. We also offer to deliver direct to your home or to the garage where you are having it fitted.

We will discuss the information regarding your steering pump problem and replacement of the correct part direct with your mechanic if this is of more help to you. We supply fully remanufactured steering pumps, this means our pumps have been totally dismantled and all seals, bearings etc have been replaced for original new. Before dispatch they are taken through a rigorous test on our functional test machine, which simulates the pump actually being fitted to the vehicle, FLOW RATES & PRESSURE readings are taken, we then cross reference these readings to meet original manufacturers criteria.We have been supplying the motor vehicle trade for 10 years. This includes motor spares shops, motor factors, garages, and mechanics. Now we offer our services direct to you at an unbeatable price plus, quality which cannot be matched or beaten.










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How-to Documents: We currently have 1 how-to document for power steering pumps and a detailed database on all steering pump manufacturers, o.e.m/part reference numberpump first time.

  • Fitting a Power Steering Pump and pump images that we can share via email to our customers to ensure we supply you the correct pump first time.



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